Unfortunately, Praguers from Vietnam who do not have Czech citizenship cannot vote in the Prague elections. Even so, we will be happy for your support and for telling your Czech friends who can vote for us about us.

If you have Czech citizenship and are not sure where and how to vote, contact us via [email protected].

Let’s keep changing Prague together

We’re collecting 100 thousand signatures from Prague residents
so we can stand for election to the Prague City Hall and local town halls.

Finally, things in Prague are starting to change for the better. Thanks to 100 000 Prague residents, after the 2018 local elections we finally managed to release the city from the “godfathers“. We’re running it without corruption scandals, launching important investments and looking after people in need. Now we want to complete that transformation. On 23. and 24. September of 2022, PRAHA SOBĚ will be standing for election again. As independent candidates rather than a political party, we are required by law to collect 100 thousand signatures from Prague residents in order to be able to stand.

Czech Prague residents or EU citizens who have temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic and their official address in Prague are able to sign the petition (and indeed to vote in local elections).

Please, tell your Czech (or EU) friends about our petition! They can sign the petition at our petition sites around Prague – mostly in shops and cafés – or you can download it, print it out, sign it and hand it in at one of the petition sites.

You can also join our team as an expert or volunteer. Please write to jan.cizinsky(at)

In order to vote, EU citizens need to register ahead of the elections (which will take place on 23. and 24. September) at their local town hall in order to be added to the register of voters.

Please, tell your Czech (or EU) friends about our petition!

Do you want to do more? Would you like to become part of the team?

Write to us

    Our story

    It all started with a referendum against over-priced plans for a new town hall organised by teacher Jan Čižinský.

    He was subsequently elected mayor of Prague 7, which then became a prospering city district. The new leadership built a new town hall at a third of the cost. In 2018 Jan Čižinský got his neighbours together again, this time from all over Prague. The first PRAHA SOBĚ independent candidates collected 100 thousand signatures from residents of Prague in order to stand. On being elected to the city hall, they helped to end the years of misrule by the same old political parties. PRAHA SOBĚ independent candidates also won the elections in Prague 1 and 7. The old times must never be allowed to return, and so we are standing for election once again.

    What we’ve already managed to do:

    • we’re repairing bridges, building the metro D line and new tram lines
    • we’re increasing the capacity of care services and old peoples’ homes
    • we’ve rebuilt the Troja footbridge
    • we’re working on the construction of both the City and Prague ring roads
    • we’re improving services for handicapped children and adults
    • we’re rebuilding and renovating the Industrial Palace
    • we’re making public transport faster, saving you time
    • we’re sorting out important details: the “pavement of death“ near the main train station, the crossing at Karlovo náměstí
    • we’ve set up a furniture bank
    • we’re clamping down on cheap tourist attractions such as pandas and beer bikes
    • we’re actually building the P+R carparks that were promised for decades
    • we’ve rejected “blood money“ from gambling
    • we’re protecting trees in the city
    • we’re calming the city centre – streets dating back to Charles IV shouldn´t be used for transit traffic

    What change we can still achieve

    The next elections are a chance to complete the transformation of Prague together.

    They are a chance to show that all Prague’s municipalities are important, that it is possible to make major investments without corruption and amateurism, and that good-quality public services are available to everyone.

    Let’s build a city together in which it is a pleasure to live 365 days a year. A city in which it is possible to live your whole life meaningfully and with dignity, from student years to old age. This time we will also be standing for election in a whole swathe of municipalities. We already have fantastic teams of people who want life to be better in Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 8, Prague 9, Prague 11, Prague 12, Prague 13, Prague 14, Prague-Kunratice and Prague-Satalice. We are sure that by the next elections active people will have come forward in other municipalities as well.

    Our team

    Jan Čižinský

    mayor of Prague 7

    teacher, initiator of a referendum against an over-priced town hall

    Pavel Vyhnánek

    deputy mayor with responsibility for finance


    Adam Scheinherr

    deputy mayor with responsibility for transport


    Milena Johnová

    cabinet member for social and health care

    social services quality methodologist

    Hana Třeštíková

    cabinet member for culture

    film producer

    Mariana Čapková

    chair of the Education Committee

    co-founder of the Koronerv-20 initiative

    Petr Zeman

    chair of the Urban Development

    founder of the Empty Houses society

    Pavel Zelenka

    chair of the Housing Committee

    graphic designer

    Máme své město rádi a záleží nám na místě, kde žijeme.